FEAST toronto

The HUB for Food, Entertainment, Art, Science and Technology

FEASTtoronto is a HUB, designed to celebrate Food as Entertainment, Art, Science and Technology

While other cities build and operate attractions such as aquaria, museums and galleries, Toronto will host a completely new concept – FEAST.

After all, what describes the most multicultural and diverse city in the world better than food.  Toronto has a wider range of global food options than any city in the world.  And what feeds Toronto?  Southern Ontario’s unique agricultural environment.  From hot dry summers to freezing winters, and fertile lake-fed soils, this region can produce fine fruits, excellent dairy and meat and unique products such as ice wine.

FEAST is a central hub that will encompass :

  • food themed exhibits showcasing food science and technology
  • food themed art
  • culinary school for kids and adults alike
  • microbrewery and winery
  • restaurants and bars

…. Its a smorgasbord of food-themed entertainment,  all under one roof!

FEAST is taking shape as more partners and participants sign up.  The dream of FEAST will enter reality in 2014.  To get involved drop us a line